Eco Scrubs

Eco Scrubs

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Female-led Business
Recyclable Packaging
Plastic Free
Carbon Neutral
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Gentle yet effective, each pack contains 2 of 100% Natural Eco Scrubs, stitched together from the Loofah plant and Wood cellulose. This is a great alternative to plastic scrubbers or steel wool & is a lot more gentle, you can even use it on your skin!

Dimensions: 11cm x 7 cm (width) x 3.5cm

Materials: Scrubber: Loofah, Sponge: Wood Cellulose, Cotton Stitching.

Washing Instructions: We recommend washing this in the dishwasher. If you've used it to mop up something with lots of bacteria (like chicken juices) it's a good idea to follow the wash with a quick rinse and then pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until steaming hot. This will eliminate any bacteria and leave your Eco Scrub fresh.

Good Change started when the founders saw plastic-covered, microplastic-infused products and packaging at the supermarket especially in the cleaning category. They are striving to eliminate plastic without compromising on quality or sustainable business practices, each purchase enables Good Change to donate clean and safe water in Cambodia and they work with local schools to educate the kids about plastic pollution and organise clean ups to support local communities! 

Their impact doesn't stop there. Their website is Carbon Neutral and each year they calculate the Carbon Emissions generated by their deliveries, double it & then donate it as a lump sum to support efforts to regenerate local indigenous forests. 

Products under the Environment banner contribute positively towards looking after our environment from ethical sourcing, reducing carbon emissions to cleaning up our oceans.

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